To make this week even better one of my good friends popped on the drug test so he’s going to get kicked out and one of my corporals got in a motorcycle accident last night. And of course the hazefest continues for 16 hours straight a day. Fuck you Marine corps.

Anonymous asked:
Thank you for posting wonderful things. I hope you have the best day ever :)


Only in the Marine corps do you get the fucking shit beat out of you on the weekend and come back to work with black eyes and a busted up face and still get in trouble for it

Definitely done drinking for a good while. Getting my face beat in and falling into a giant campfire are not what’s up


i am constantly torn between making a huge effort to getting my life back on track and killing myself

Looks like I get to play games until my post at midnight and stay up all night and work all day again tomorrow :D fuck you Marine corps